Netizens Are Already Going Crazy Over aespa’s Winter … According To Them, She Looks Like These Former SM Entertainment Actresses

Perhaps SM Entertainment does have a type.

aespa‘s Winter is already sweeping in the fans with her stunning visuals! Not only did they compare her to other top visual idols, but they also praised her for her adorable smile and breathtaking beauty. This time, with the release of aespa’s debut teaser, “SYNK”, they seem to have found other lookalikes for her.

While they were similarly blown away by her gorgeous features in this round of teasers, they also found her to be a mixture of two famous actresses.

They claimed she looked almost exactly like actress So Yoo Jin, famous for her role in Five Enough. She’s also currently married to celebrity chef, Baek Jong Won.

| SBS News

They also compare her to actress Yoon So Hee. Interestingly enough, Yoon So Hee was previously under SM Entertainment‘s acting division, SM C&C. She was also in many of EXO‘s videos around the “Wolf” era, making her famous amongst SM Entertainment fans.

| Channel K

Other actresses brought up include S.E.S‘s Eugene and actress Lee Ji Hye! Eugene was also once under SM Entertainment with S.E.S.

| theqoo

  • “The second pic looks like S.E.S’s Eugene.”
  • “Her smile is so cute.”
  • “The nose and eyes look like Taeyeon while her lower face looks like Yoon So Hee. Especially when she smiles.”
  • “Her real name is Kim Minjung apparently!”
  • “Winter-baby cute.”
  • “She looks like So Yoo Jin.”

| theqoo

  • “Pretty.”
  • “Her hair and makeup suit her so much in the first pic.”
  • “She seems to be like S.E.S’s Eugene.”
  • “Ah I’m f*cking looking forward to it. I’m so curious about her voice.”
  • “I see So Yoo Jin, Lee Ji Hye, Taeyeon and Yoon So Hee kekekeke She’s the type to gather fans.”

Eugene, Taeyeon, and Yoon So Hee? Perhaps SM Entertainment does have a “type” after all! aespa is set to debut on November 17, 2020.

Source: theqoo