“Nevertheless” Kim Min Gwi Apologizes For Cheating On His Girlfriend But Denies Breaking Self-Quarantine Rules

He admitted to cheating.

Previously, it was reported that Nevertheless actor, Kim Min Gwi, was accused of cheating on his longtime girlfriend. According to a post on an online community, an anonymous netizen claiming to be Kim Min Gwi’s ex-girlfriend of six years called him out for multiple offences, including cheating, abusive language, and breaking COVID-19 quarantine procedures.

However, Kim Min Gwi’s agency has since stepped up to clarify.

Firstly, we are sorry for causing concern over bad news regarding our actor, Kim Min Gwi. We also ask for your understanding that this notice came late as we were checking the facts regarding the issue.

First, Kim Min Gwi acknowledges his wrongdoing regarding the controversial part of his private life and is reflecting sincerely as well as has apologized to the person for the hurt caused to them due to his immature judgments and actions. Furthermore, he apologizes for having caused public criticism for it.

Regarding the suspicions on self-quarantine, it is not true that he broke the COVID-19 self-quarantine rules. He received a notification to self-quarantine on May 22 and had been in quarantine when he felt that something was wrong with his body so he went to get tested and was confirmed as a patient for which he received treatment. He is currently fully recovered.

We apologize once more for causing concern.

— Big Picture Entertainment

Kim Min Gwi was accused by a netizen who claims to be his ex-girlfriend, of violating quarantine policy and leaving his home without permission to meet up with a girl he was seeing on the side. He currently stars in Nevertheless as Nam Gyu Hyun.

Source: edaily