New photo of Kim Hyun Joong adapting to military life revealed

A new photo of singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong posing with other fellow soldiers while in the military camp has been published.

On May 29th, the training camp uploaded new photos of their trainees on their fan cafe.

Looking like an ordinary soldier wearing the same gray suit as everyone else and with his head shaved, fans noticed his name tag revealing his rank as squadron leader.

Kim Hyun Joong is expected to finish his basic military training next month. Following his graduation ceremony, Kim Hyun Joong will be fully active as a soldier.

Prior to leaving to enlist two weeks ago, the actor left a heartfelt letter to fans and bid them farewell, promising to come back a better man. Currently, he is still embroiled in a lawsuit with his ex-girlfriend known only as Ms. Choi.

He is set to return to the civilian world on February 11, 2017.

Source: Sports Donga