New Photos Of Cheng Xiao Fuel Rumors That Chinese Members Of Cosmic Girls Left The Group

“Please don’t leave WJSN!” — Fan

Recently, fans of Cosmic Girls were worried after gathering evidence that the Chinese members, Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao, and Meiqi might’ve left the group.

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Not only did the Chinese members not participate in Cosmic Girls’ recent comebacks, but they’ve reportedly removed “Cosmic Girl Member” in their Weibo biographies while continuing to stay active in the Chinese entertainment industry.

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Cheng Xiao, in particular, has already appeared in numerous C-Dramas and she’s set to make her big-screen debut in Detective Chinatown 3.

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What gave fans a little bit of hope was the fact that Cheng Xiao still kept “WJSN” and her Korean name, Seongso in her Instagram biography.

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However, the new photos she posted along with the caption, “Long time no see” in Korean has fans feeling curious about her status once more.

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The photos show Cheng Xiao flaunting her breathtaking visuals in a recent photoshoot.

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But while Yuehua Entertainment has yet to release a statement regarding the rumors, Cheng Xiao’s recent activity, and the caption written in Korean has fans wondering whether or not the rumors are true.

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Meanwhile, fans are hopeful in their comments to Cheng Xiao.

  • Please don’t leave WJSN.
  • Thank you for writing the caption in Korean.
  • We miss you!
  • You look so beautiful!
  • It really has been a long time…
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Fingers crossed for some good news soon!

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