NewJeans’ Agency Responds To Taiwan Filming Controversy Accusations

They denied the accusations made against them.

NewJeans‘ agency ADOR has responded to the accusations made against them while filming outdoors in Taiwan.

In a statement shared by ADOR to media outlet Newsen, ADOR clarified some of the accusations made against them and stated that what is being posted online is not true.

The accusations that are being spread online are not true. We received official permission from the Taipei City Hall and the police force to film. We conducted our filming within the scope of the permission that we obtained.

At the time, our staff had a sign asking people not to take any pictures, but there were people taking pictures within the area that we were asking for no filming. In these cases, our staff politely asked for the photos to be deleted, and everyone who was asked cooperated. There were no cases of loud voices or disrespect at the filming site.


Earlier, NewJeans was seen filming in Taipei, Taiwan, but controversy erupted after netizens and witnesses accused their staff of inappropriate behavior.

Controversy Erupts After NewJeans Got Spotted Filming On The Streets

Source: Newsen


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