NewJeans’ Danielle Becomes The Latest Burberry Ambassador And Here’s What Netizens Think

She’s the third member to have an ambassadorship.

It’s not been long since NewJeans’ Hyein was announced as the newest ambassador for Louis Vuitton. Most of the girls are now tied to a luxury brand—Hanni officially reps for Gucci and Hyein for Louis Vuitton. Minji has been wearing Chanel, and Haerin has been spotted wearing full Dior looks to events several times, but they both have not been officially announced as ambassadors.

The official account announced Danielle as the latest ambassador for Burberry. The fashion house’s old English look made netizens think it was the perfect choice for her. Danielle’s elegance was emphasized with clean makeup that focused on her lashes.

Given her prominent yet soft features as a half-Korean, half-Australian, Danielle’s slightly Western features perfectly fit the brand. She looked like a posh private school student in the iconic Burberry check pattern. It seems like netizens agree she is a perfect fit.

  • “She really suits it. She looks like a student from British nobility.”
  • “She’s perfect for it.”
  • “I think it’ll really be the best if she wears a uniform look plastered with the Burberry pattern…”
  • “It seemed like they would pick her. She suits it so much.”

We can’t wait to see the NewJeans girls in their high fashion luxury looks!


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