NewJeans’ Danielle Goes Viral For Her Flawless Visuals And Tiny Face In Unedited Fantaken Photos

This is what she really looks like IRL!

NewJeansDanielle recently attended Burberry’s “Alpine” outwear line pop-up store in Seoul. Rocking some of the gorgeous collection, Danielle’s fantaken photos quickly went viral for her stunning in-person visuals.

Netizens were shocked to see her unedited fantaken photos, showcasing her true IRL beauty!

Even through unedited photos taken on a fan’s phone camera, her beauty shines stronger than ever. Specifically, netizens raved about her doll-like proportions and tiny face and head, a symbol of beauty in Korea.

Every time someone sees Danielle in real life, they always talk about how small her head is and even within the idol industry, her face looks like a fist’s size

— Netizen

Watching videos of her from the event, her model aura is apparent, despite only being a rookie idol.

I’ve seen NewJeans in real life and Danielle has the tiniest head I’ve ever since, I just remember her as a doll

— Netizen

Journalist photos are known for publishing unedited photos, often revealing a celebrity’s true appearance. Danielle’s insane beauty stands strong in the photos below!

Danielle is a visual queen!

Source: Nate Pann


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