NewJeans Receive Love For Their Amazing Live Skills During A Music Show Encore Stage

They received nothing but praise.

NewJeans has been tearing it up lately. Since their new tracks “Ditto” and “OMG” dropped, they’ve been topping the charts without any competition. The two tracks are still the top 1 and 2 in South Korea and globally.

As they clinched the first-place award on Inkigayo on the episode dated January 15, 2022, the girls were invited back on stage after the main show to perform an encore. The encore is usually given to the weekly winners. Without a backing track during the encore, artists perform live. This is where many artists receive criticism for their live skills.

NewJeans lived up to expectations and outperformed the live stage. They received nothing but praise for their raw vocals.

Netizen reactions to NewJeans. | theqoo
  • “Why is Pham Hanni so good!!”
  • “The kids are really good LOL.”
  • “Hanni is too good.”
  • “Everyone is so good, aigoo, so pretty. Hanni’s vocal projection is good, and she’s stable, but maybe because the others are also loosening up, they’re getting better.”
  • “So good. Cute.”
  • “ILY, Pham Hanni…”

Although all the members received recognition, Hanni stood out in particular for her stability and vocals. We love a stable vocal queen! Check out the encore performance for yourself and be blown away by the girls!

Source: theqoo