The Shocking Identity Of One Of The Lyricists For NewJeans’ “ETA”

He’s a hard hitting rapper.

NewJeans recently previewed their upcoming song, “ETA,” during their Bunnies Camp fan meeting.

The catchy lyrics soon got stuck in everyone’s heads. While a little odd at some verses, it only added to the unique freshness of the song.

The day only you couldn’t make it to my birthday party/ The day Hyejin got scolded real bad/ The day that Jiwon broke up with his girlfriend/ The day where you weren’t with him/ The day he dressed up real good/ Heard him say.

— Lyrics for “ETA”

On July 19, 2023, My Daily reported that rapper Beenzino had participated in the writing of the lyrics. The news outlet confirmed the news with someone in the industry.

This came as a surprise for many, as Beenzino does not usually write for idols. His usual rap verses are also quite strong.

No I’m the f*cking only one/ and I don’t pop molly too/ Illionaire we the f*cking top threes/ we on tour what u waiting for/ Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday/ This is how we live/ Swaggin’ out for 24 7/ We don’t make compromises, we go straight/ let’s get it ya.

— Lyrics for “11:11” by Beenzino

The unexpected collaboration between Beenzino and NewJeans is a huge surprise and will definitely change things up in the industry. NewJeans’ album Get Up launches July 21, 2023.



Source: My Daily