Netizens Are Shocked By The Duality Of NewJeans’ Haerin

She’s almost unrecognizable!

Following NewJeans‘ recent debut stage at MCountdown, netizens were falling for each of the members’ unique charms. Haerin‘s different looks for each song caught netizens by surprise.

For “Hype Boy,” she emerged with hair in a parted up-do that showed off her cat-like features.

Her soft and feminine makeup emphasized her innocent beauty and gave her a gentle appearance.

However, everything completely changed when she emerged for “Cookie!”

With long hair and blunt bangs, the styling changed to become edgier and more charismatic.

Her serious expressions contrasted sharply with “Hype Boy” and showed off her fierce stage persona.


Both looks make it hard to choose a favorite style on her! It seems she suits any look she tries.

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Source: theqoo