NewJeans’ Hanni Left A Fan In Tears With Her Behavior Towards Them

Netizens find her actions unbelievable!

NewJeansHanni has recently gained a lot of attention from netizens after a fan posted about their interaction with the singer.

NewJeans’ Hanni | @newjeans_official/Instagram

On June 17, a Korean netizen, “A,” posted a series of tweets saying, “I logged back into my Twitter for the first time in 100 years to tell the world about Hanni…”

The OP (original poster) shared that Hanni once visited her workplace, and they recognized her just from her eyes. OP introduced themself to her as a Bunny (NewJeans’ fandom name), mentioning that another member of her group had also visited their workplace before and got recognized by them. A told Hanni that they felt apologetic if the past incident made her member uncomfortable and assured her that they should freely visit the place in the future as A would be quitting the job soon.

I logged back into my Twitter for the first time in 100 years to tell the world about Hanni…

You see, Hanni came to the place where I work. I only saw her eyes, but even then it was impossible to hide her endearing nature… I said that I was a Bunny, and that I loved her and supported her.

Before this, another member had also visited my workplace, and I told her how sorry I was in case she was uncomfortable because I recognized her.

—OP’s tweet above

After having this heart-to-heart with Hanni, OP started doubting if they rambled too much during the conversation. But some time later, when A’s colleagues called them outside, Hanni was waiting there. Apparently, the idol told A that she was thinking about them and thanked them with a box full of desserts!

Anyway, I told her that I was leaving that workplace soon, so Hanni should feel comfortable about coming back any time and sent her off. But then I was worried if I rambled too much by myself TT.

Some time later, my colleagues called me. So, I went outside to see Hanni was looking for me, and she said she had bought something while thinking of me. She thanked me and handed me some desserts TTTTTT.

—OP’s tweet above

OP added that before leaving, Hanni cheered them up with her sweet words, which nearly made them choke up.

When I was with Hanni, she told me, ‘I was passing by [the dessert shop] and I picked some up because it reminded me of you.’ I was very distressed. But I felt so comforted by what Hanni said to me that I almost teared up.

Hanni patiently listened to me as well…I apologized for rambling earlier but she said it was fine. She took the time to make me feel better. She’s such a baby angel.

When she was leaving, it was very noisy all around so I couldn’t hear what she said exactly but I think she told me to eat well and cheer up, and that she was rooting for me! Thanks to her, I made a memory I will never forget in my lifetime…I’m so grateful.

—OP’s tweets above

After OP posted about this incident, it immediately went viral on Korean online forums, and people couldn’t praise Hanni enough for her kindness.

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  • “Ugh, she’s so cute and kindhearted.”
  • “TTTTTT”
  • “How is she such an angel baby TTT”
  • “I think I’m getting old. Why am I tearing up?”
  • “Hanni is an angel…I liked her from the start but the more I get to know her, the more I like her.”
  • “Pham Hanni is an angel…?”