NewJeans’ Haerin Gains Attention For Upgraded Visuals After A Change In Makeup

She looks like a goddess.

NewJeansHaerin has always been a visual queen. She is known for her huge eyes and cat-like face.


During her early debut eras, the group favored the Y2K style, leading to experimental styling on Haerin.


During a recent congratulatory video for Sports Seoul’s 38th anniversary, Haerin’s visuals caught the eye of many. Her makeup was more “idol-like” than usual, with a bold lip and deep eye makeup.

Her straight black hair was also a rare sight for many.

With straight hair and brows, Haerin looked more beautiful than ever.

Fans loved this makeup style on her.

Netizens thought that she was the prettiest idol they’ve seen of late.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • She’s the prettiest female idol I’ve seen recently.
  • Haerin is f*cking pretty, FR.
  • So it was possible to get prettier than how she was during her debut days. So pretty.
  • She’s Snow White. Insane.

Her visuals have indeed been on the rise lately! In other news, NewJeans is making a comeback in July 2023.

Source: Nate Pann