Netizens Are Praising NewJeans’ Hyein Over A Previously-Admitted Insecurity

She’s such a natural beauty!

The members of NewJeans have taken the music world by storm in the year or so that they’ve been active in the industry. Not only are their songs extremely popular with fans and the general public, but the girls themselves have quickly become beloved for their sweet personalities and pretty visuals.

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Recently, Hyein‘s visuals became the topic of conversation on an online forum due to one particular feature of hers that netizens think stands out most: Her full lips.

Hyein (NewJeans)

A picture of the NewJeans members dressed up in Hogwarts outfits was used on the post to show how Hyein’s lips compare to those of the others.

| Pann Nate

Commenters also shared pictures of Hyein when she was younger, which show that she always had lips on the fuller side.

It turns out, though, that her lips have actually been an insecurity of Hyein’s. She’s said that her classmates even used to tease her about them, and it has made fans upset whenever her stylists try to hide them with concealer.

Thankfully, those commenting on the post about her lips have been sending plenty of praise and compliments towards Hyein, as she deserves for her pretty features!

It’s hard to believe she used to be insecure about something that she’s so positively well-known for now, and we hope that Hyein recognizes how beautiful her uniqueness is!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa