NewJeans’ Hyein Gains Attention For Rising Visuals At The “2023 Weverse Con Festival”

She’s growing up!

NewJeans recently performed at the Weverse Con Festival held over the weekend of June 10 and 11, 2023. It was the first time that the concert was held festival style outdoors.

Even though it was NewJeans’ first time performing at the Weverse Con, they slayed it.

The maknae, Hyein, in particular, caught the eyes of netizens for her upgraded visuals.

| via Nate Pann

While she has always been pretty, she got more beautiful with time.

| via Nate Pann

She absolutely slayed at the festival.

| via Nate Pann

Hyein debuted when she was only 14 years old, meaning that she is still growing. As puberty hits her, she’s only grown more mature and gorgeous than ever.

Hyein at Weverse Con Festival. | via Nate Pann

A post praising her upgraded beauty received attention on an online community. While many note that her aura has gotten more natural and seasoned with time, fans are also chalking it up to a different makeup style.

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  • She was pretty from the beginning but there was definitely something awkward feeling. But it seems like as time passed, she found what suited her and that’s how she got prettier. It’s a little bit dumb for people to just be like “she was originally pretty” without knowing what the OP meant by “she got prettier.”
  • Her face is letting us know that a comeback is brewing… So pretty.
  • I was always so frustrated looking at her because they drew her brows weird but seeing her straight brows now gives me catharsis. They also kept giving her eye and lip makeup that didn’t suit her during their debut promos so please just stick with this. I was so frustrated seeing people hate on her because of her makeup.
  • She was originally pretty, y’all.
  • Wow she really suddenly got a lot prettier. Although she was always pretty.

Hyein has always been gorgeous! She wasn’t a kids model for no reason.

Hyein’s debut era. | Nate Pann


Source: Nate Pann