Netizens Discover NewJeans’s Maknae Hyein Has Always Been A Truly Relatable K-Pop Stan

From BTS, TXT, and Red Velvet, Hyein is one of us!

Although it seems like new K-Pop groups are debuting every month, one that has recently gained attention from netizens worldwide is NewJeans. The group is the first act to debut under ADOR, which is a sub-label of HYBE. The members have already caught attention for their performance and visuals.

Members of NewJeans | ADOR

The group released both a music and performance video before the members were even formally introduced to fans, and it meant that netizens worldwide wanted to know all about the newest girl group.


In particular, one member that has quickly gained popularity and recognition from netizens is the youngest member Hyein.

Although not a lot is known about the members, Hyein has been active on the YouTube channel Pocket TV, sharing information about her training and just general parts of her life.

After watching videos of Hyein, it seems like the member is a true K-Pop fan and has been spotted fangirling over her favorite idols in a video on YouTube.

Along with another girl called Seo Jin, the two visited an idol shop located in Myeong-dong and had a look around at everything the location had to offer. Even before the members had a look around, it truly looked like any K-Pop fan’s dream.

During the video, Hyein and Seo Jin found a board where fans can share their love for their favorite idols. From the minute they saw the screen, they got very excited, and Hyein caught a glimpse of fellow girl group ITZY and had to share her love.

The next idol they spotted was Red Velvet‘s Irene, and Hyein got very excited, adding, “I love Irene,” before showering the veteran singer with a lot of hearts.

However, it was the next idol that Hyein saw who had the most relatable reaction, and it was fellow HYBE artist TXT‘s Yeonjun.

When Yeonjun’s picture appeared, Hyein got so excited and even squealed as she said his name. As she clicked on the picture, Hyein couldn’t stop clicking on hearts for the oldest member of TXT.

What made it even cuter was that netizens found a picture of TXT’s Yeonjun and Hyein after the duo met during a variety show.

Of course, there was one last group that Hyein had to show her love for and it was HYBE’s senior group BTS. When their picture appeared, Hyein shouted, “Oh my god! BTS!” She and Seo Jin then joked that they had to give a lot of hearts to BTS.

Even as Seo Jin tried to get Hyein to leave, the idol wanted to stay and keep giving hearts to BTS.

It isn’t even the first time Hyein has shown that she’s a true BTS fangirl. Since the NewJeans announcement, netizens have found so much evidence that cements that Hyein is not only a true K-Pop fan, but an even stronger ARMY.

Considering that Hyein is now under the same HYBE banner with both TXT and BTS and that two of her members starred in the “Permission To Dance” music video, Hyein is definitely living her best life. Hopefully, Hyein can meet her idols soon, and we can see more interactions.

You can read more about Hyein’s love of BTS below.

The Maknae Of HYBE’s New Girl Group Is A Huge BTS Fan—Here’s Proof That NewJeans’s Hyein Is Relatable AF

Source: Pocket TV

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