Netizens Shocked After Realizing Two Members Of ADOR’s Girl Group NewJeans Once Appeared In A BTS Music Video

Do you remember the cameo?

At one point, K-Pop seemed to be dominated by boy groups. Yet, it seems as if the girls are taking over, with some of the hottest acts being girl groups. Recently, one of the hottest groups that netizens can’t stop talking about is the first act from HYBE‘s sub-label ADOR, the girl group NewJeans.

Members of NewJeans | ADOR

Unlike other idol groups, NewJeans made a huge impression by releasing an entire music video before any of the details of the members were actually released.

The catchy song immediately caught the attention of netizens for its lyrics, concept, and the members’ visuals.


Of course, when the video was released, everyone wanted to know about the members. Although netizens have the members’ names, a lot of the information about them isn’t confirmed and is based on past content.

In particular, two members instantly caught the attention of fans for their past in K-Pop, and it’s two of the oldest members, Hani and Minji.


According to sources, both idols were born in 2004, While Minji is Korean, Hani is Vietnamese and joins a small group of idols from Vietnam.

When TikToks of the members were released, Hani and Minji were praised for their flawless visuals…

Hani | @newjeans_official/TikTok
Minjin | @newjeans_official/TikTok

Yet, netizens quickly realized that it wasn’t the first time they had seen the members before. In particular, many eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed that the girls had made their K-Pop music video debut in 2021.

Last July, BTS stole the hearts of netizens worldwide when they released the music video for their track “Permission To Dance.”

BTS “Permission To Dance” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

Aside from the touching message, netizens noticed many cameos. In particular, there were three students dressed in uniforms that caught the attention of fans.

The male high school student in the MV this year was revealed to be Leo, one of the newest members of HYBE’s “Trainee A.” Yet, after not much was known about the females, netizens now know that it was Minji and Hani in the music video.

Trainee A Leo, Minji and Hani | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

When the video was first released, many expected that they would be contestants on Girls Planet 999 or the newest SOURCE MUSIC group. Yet, it now seems as if their affiliation with HYBE and BTS was leading to being in ADOR’s debut group.

After netizens realized, they couldn’t help sharing their excitement at finally seeing the girls debut, especially after they were praised for their idol visuals.

Yet, the girls’ appearance isn’t the only link to BTS. Youngest member Hyein has gained attention for not only being a true K-Pop fan but sharing her love for BTS on several occasions.

It seems as if both Korean and international netizens can’t wait to learn more about the newest girl group. The members have already made a huge impact on social media, trending on several forums and it will only continue to grow.

You can read more about Hyein’s love for BTS below.

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