Meet The Extras From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” MV

Find out more about the diverse cast.

BTS‘s new song “Permission to Dance” is taking the world by storm, and so is its feel-good music video! Actors of different ages, races, and nationalities were cast to represent BTS’s fandom, ARMY. Find out more about them here:

1. The waitress

The waitress who appears at the beginning of the video is Leah Kim Thompson, an actress, model, radio host, and television personality.

Leah Kim Thompson 

She entered the entertainment industry at a young age and went on to become a Saturday Night Live Korea cast member. Thompson has appeared on various shows and in magazines, including MAXIM Korea.

She also acted in WOODZ 2020 music video for “Bump Bump.”

2. The male high school student

The male high school student in the MV is played by an idol-in-training. Earlier this year, Leo was introduced to the public as one of six “Trainee A” members: Leo, SangwonJamesJihoonJunil, and Inhyuk. The Trainee A members are rumored to be part of a future HYBE boy group.

3. The female high school students

Unfortunately, the other two students in the music video are shrouded in mystery. Given that Leo is a trainee, the girls might also be trainees. They are rumored to be members of HYBE x Source Music‘s new girl group and/or contestants on Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999, a K-Pop competition show similar to I-LAND which formed ENHYPEN.

4. The long-haired boy

Although we don’t know who the child in the tiger shirt is (yet!), we do know the other child is the son of LUMPENS‘ director, Yong Seok Choi. LUMPENS has directed many of BTS’s most famous music videos.

Yong Seok Choi’s son (right)

Yong shared this behind-the-scenes video of his son to his Instagram story.

His son happens to be a big BTS fan! Here he is singing and dancing to “FAKE LOVE.”

5. These kids

Although we haven’t identified this diverse group of friends yet, we do know one thing: they’re adorable!

Child actors from “Permission to Dance” MV

6. The HYBE staff

Did someone order a HYBE dance party? Chairman Bang Si Hyuk and CEO Park Ji Won were dancing up front!

Bang Si Hyuk (left) and Park Ji Won (right)

Singer Lee Hyun and dance director Son Sung Deuk are also in the video, along with dozens of staff members.

Lee Hyun (circled) and Son Sung Deuk (arrows)

7. The dancers

The dancers in white are from TEN AGENCY x STUDIO, a dance agency and management company.

BTS with dancers from “Permission to Dance” MV
Dancers | @tenAgencyxstudio/Instagram

Some of these dancers also dance with Minzy in her “TEAMO” music video!

Minzy (center) with two dancers | @mingkki21/Twitter

8. The essential workers and couples

So far, we haven’t uncovered the names of these delightful extras, but we’re thankful that they are representing ARMYs around the world!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “Permission to Dance” MV here:

Meet The Cool People