Who Is She? Meet The Waitress From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” MV

Get to know Leah Kim Thompson.

BTS‘s new “Permission to Dance” music video is receiving praise for celebrating diversity through the use of sign language and a colorful cast of extras.

Leah Kim Thompson | HYBE Labels/Youtube 

In the video, people of various ages, races, and professions danced to the song, looking forward to a post-pandemic world. The first extra to appear on screen was Leah Kim Thompson, who played a waitress.

| HYBE Labels/Youtube

This TV host, model, and actress was born on May 29, 1994, making her the same age as BTS’s 94-liners, RM and J-Hope. She was born to a Korean mother and a Caucasian father, and she entered the entertainment industry at an early age.

In 2006, at age 12, Thompson appeared on Star Golden Bell, a popular KBS variety show in which guests played mini-games for prizes. Many idol groups appeared on Star Golden Bell, including Super Junior and f(x).

Thompson went on to model in magazines, including MAXIM Korea

…and she became a cast member on Saturday Night Live Korea. SHINee fans might remember her hilarious interaction with Key on the show. After he chose her as his ideal type, she playfully mocked his height by pretending she couldn’t see him.

Over the years, Thompson hosted various radio shows and TV shows. She has also guested on popular podcasts, including DIVE Studios‘ Get Real. 

BTOB’s Peniel and Leah Kim Thompson

On her Instagram account, @leahkimt, Thompson shared behind-the-scenes footage of herself practicing her dance scenes for “Permission to Dance” MV.

| @leahkimt/Instagram 

This isn’t the first music video she appeared in though. Last year, Thompson acted in WOODZ‘s “BUMP BUMP” MV.

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