NewJeans’ Mysterious New MV Teaser Has Eagle-Eyed Netizens Asking One Question

The group is already creating a buzz for their first comeback!

NewJeans took the K-Pop world by storm with their surprise debut this summer, and they’re set to do it again with their first comeback this holiday season.

(Top row, L to R) NewJeans’ Haerin and Minji (Bottom row, L to R) Hyein, Danielle, and Hanni | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

As ADOR‘s first girl group, NewJeans is undoubtedly setting the standard. Their exciting debut broke records and earned the group their first Daesang for “Performance of the Year” at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards (also known as the 2022 AAAs).

With this win, the group became the K-Pop group that won a Daesang in the shortest amount of time, overcoming the previously-held record by Miss A by 17 days.

NewJeans posing with their “2022 AAAs” trophies

The group is quickly becoming a household name, and fans are learning more about the members who debuted only five months ago. Although they’ve been revealing more about their personalities and creating fun, personable content on their YouTube channel, there is still an air of mystery around the group. In their latest comeback trailer, they leaned into that mystery.

In November, NewJeans confirmed they would make their first comeback on January 2 with a title track and special winter track. Before they release their new single album, OMG, the group will pre-release a track, “Ditto.”

The 21-second teaser begins with the five NewJeans members entering an empty school hallway as they run happily through the school. Although five members are seen walking through the door, the next angle shows six people running past the camera.

The name of the concept trailer is New Jeans 6, which quickly began to trend on Twitter as Bunnies (NewJeans’ fandom) began to wonder who the sixth person was.

While a few questioned if the group has a surprise “sixth member,” those theories were quickly debunked when ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin, announced that a special guest would be making a cameo in NewJeans’ music video for “Ditto.”

Min Hee Jin’s statement answered why there were six people in NewJeans’ new music video teaser but leaves one exciting question… who is the special cameo?

“Ditto” will be out on December 19 to answer that question. In the meantime, check out the new music video teaser below!


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