NewJeans Confirmed To Make Their Comeback On January 2

NewJeans’ first comeback!

NewJeans has been confirmed to make their comeback on January 2.

According to a press release through YTN, NewJeans will be making their comeback on January 2 with their new single album OMG. The single album will consist of the title track and a special winter track that was prepared by NewJeans for their first winter with their fans, Bunnies.

NewJeans will pre-release their special track for their fans on December 19 ahead of the single album’s release on January 2.

Their debut album showed you NewJeans in the summer, this single album will showcase NewJeans in the winter.

β€” Min Hee Jin, ADOR CEO

NewJeans received an explosive reaction for their debut, topping the charts with their songs “Attention” and “Hype Boy” and becoming one of the most successful rookie girl groups of all time.

Source: YTN