NewJeans’s “OMG” MV Stirs Up Controversy Over Allegations It Didn’t Credit Set Director’s Team

ADOR has yet to comment.

A music video set director who allegedly worked on NewJeans‘s “OMG” music video claimed their team was not credited for their work.

NewJeans | Ador

Earlier, we reported that NewJeans had returned with their new single album OMG. This new album deals with the story of the strange sense of distance, caution, and unfamiliarity that coexist because of the desire to get closer to each other.

The album’s single “OMG” has been receiving rave reviews from fans. The music video, however, has been caught up in controversy when a set director alleged his team was not credited in the music video.

Credits for OMG music video | Ador

On a community post that has since gone viral, a netizen uploaded an Instagram story from a music video director. In the story, the director writes that his team wasn’t credited in the music video, despite working day and night on the video.

Our team worked hard to build a set on time (for the music video). I will credit you guys instead. I am sorry that I don’t have enough influence (to credit you guys on the video).

— Music Video Set Director

Many netizens felt for the director and stated that it was important that the director and their team get credited for their work.

  • “My friend is the maknae of the art team, and they are credited… Also, if the team themselves are stating they are disappointed, who are you to discredit their feelings?”
  • “Looking at the comments, what probably occurred was the team was running out of time, so they outsourced work, who then also outsourced work, and was left out by the music video’s production company…”
  • “It’s like losing an experience (on your resume). The impact is large.”
  • “If they are going to go out of their way to make a credits reel, they should have credited everyone. That way, no one is upset.”
  • “If you read the comments, it seems that in the industry, only those that this happens to are disappointed.”
  • “The credits might have been used in someone’s portfolio. They wouldn’t bother with credits if it weren’t important to them.”
  • “Imagine if your name was left out in a group project and see if it bothers you or not.”

ADOR has not commented on the allegations. You can watch the music video for “OMG” in the link below.

Source: theqoo