J-Pop Girl Group Keyakizaka46’s Nijika Ishimori Revealed To Have Dated A Host Bar Waiter

People are not looking at this positively.

Successful J-Pop girl group member, Nijika Ishimori of Keyakizaka46, has been swept up in controversy as it was recently revealed that she dated a host bar waiter.

In Japan, host bars are aplenty, and they are a fair legal entity. While the bars itself do not condone sexual behaviour on site, it is generally not positively looked upon given that hostesses or hosts have to engage socially with customers, who can make requests for them to be served by a particular waiter. Usually, hosts or hostesses build up rapport with their clients and gain regulars. They also may receive gifts from their clients.

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It was reported in a Japanese media outlet that Ishimori had been dating a host for a year. The host took an interview on the 20 September to confirm that they had indeed dated. Apparently, Ishimori had visited the host bar in September 2019 and the two started dating soon after. As she is a celebrity, they often had dates at home instead before breaking up in August 2020. They have not met up since.

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Keyakizaka46 is a sister girl group of Nogizaka46 under the same company. Having debuted in 2015, they operate under a rotational graduation system, with Nijika Ishimori being one of the first generation members. She is 23 internationally this year.

Source: Star Today