NIve Reveals Behind Story Of How BTS’s “Blue & Grey” Was Made

They hoped that listeners would find hope even in the gloom.

Producer and artist NIve revealed the full story on how he was able to participate in BTS’s latest album BE and how he worked with V to create the song “Blue & Grey.”

He first met V totally by chance and that was how he received the opportunity to work on their album. Although he did work on their album, it didn’t start out like that. They first met up together to write a great song and that’s how they got started for the track.

V initially suggested “gloominess” as the theme of the song. “The gloominess V was suggesting was not just about being gloomy and depressed but rather about finding hope and comfort even through the gloom.”

With this concept, they then discussed how to be a bit more abstract with the theme and express it through colors. They thought about “black and white” and “blue and grey” and felt that “black and white” was a common expression and ultimately chose “blue and grey.”

In terms of the hardest part of creating this song, it was trying to describe this concept through sound. The first instrument sound for the first part of the song was the most important for NIve. He wanted to use an instrument that would accurately portray the overall mood of the track. “I wanted to use something with a clear but raw sound, so I decided it would be best to start with plug-in/virtual instruments and play them with a keyboard.”

Another interesting aspect to the song is the sound of the heartbeat. It is said that the sound of a heartbeat is very comforting and so he added it into the song. “It’s like you know it’s there, but it doesn’t stick out in the song. With its presence, I’d like to think that it helps the song feel much more comforting.”

There’s always a certain intent that we have in writing a song. Whether it’s a theme, a title, or the message of the song. In thinking a little more abstractly, I always try my best to express those things through sound.

⁠— NIve

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