NMIXX’s Bae Covered Up The Logo On Her Shirt Real Quick But For Reasons You Won’t Expect

She did it as soon as she realized she was being photographed.

NMIXX just made their comeback with “DICE” on September 19, 2022. As they begin their round of promotions for the title track, the girls were seen heading in for various schedules all through the week. While Bae rocked a new look with fresh, long locks, fans couldn’t help but notice something else.

She had covered up the logo on the front of her T-shirt with immense speed once she noticed the cameras on her. You can see how she carefully holds the round silver pouch to her chest.

Bae on her way to work. | @kanggo56/Twitter

Most fans would think that Bae might have been covering up a brand logo. Afterall, in the industry, a well-placed photograph of a celebrity can instantly be used as advertisement for brands. As fans grew curious about the reason, Bae herself took to Bubble to clear up the issue. The true reason was definitely an unexpected one.

Bae’s Bubble messages. | @kanggo56/Twitter

Turns out, she had been wearing her own clothes for the day, instead of ones given to her by the stylist. She ended up grabbing a random T-shirt to wear, but it belonged to her father. As the T-shirt was one from her father’s cycling interest group, she ended up covering the logo in an attempt to protect their privacy.

About my casual clothes from today, I wore my father’s short-sleeved tee from his cycling interest group, but we ended up being photographed, so I hurriedly covered up the logo.

— Bae

Haewon is definitely not the only jokester in the group! Bae’s effortless humor has us rolling on the floor laughing. Check out the group’s comeback with “DICE” below.