NMIXX’s BAE Tests Positive For COVID-19, Debut Showcase Postponed

Get well soon, BAE.

NMIXX‘s BAE has tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the group to postpone their debut showcase.

JYP Entertainment made the announcement through their fan platform, and shared that the group would release their debut album as scheduled, but will postpone their debut showcase.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

On the evening of February 16 (Wednesday), BAE had a sore throat, so all of the NMIXX members tested for COVID-19 through self-test kits. During the test, BAE tested positive, so all of the members visited a hospital on February 17 (Thursday) to receive a PCR test.

As a result, the PCR test confirmed BAE positive for COVID-19.

All of the NMIXX members have received their 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and have been actively taking self-tests prior to their schedules to confirm they are negative.

Currently, BAE has a mild fever and sore throat, but no other symptoms. She is self-isolating and undergoing treatment in line with the health authorities’ guidelines.

All of the other NMIXX members have tested negative, but will continue to self-isolate.

NMIXX 1st Single will be released as scheduled on February 22.

We would like to inform you though that NMIXX Debut Showcase [New Frontier : AD MARE] will be postponed to March 1.

We sincerely apologize for causing concern to the fans and broadcast officials.

We will put our focus into the artists’ health and recovery.

Thank you.

— JYP Entertainment


Source: Newsen