Netizens Have Mixed Opinions On NMIXX’s New Concept And Makeup

“To be honest, the fuchsia lips are the only thing I can see..”

Recently, NMIXX released concept photos for their second single “ENTWURF.” The bold and bright neon concept showed off a brand new side of the members, leaving netizens with mixed reactions.

Some believe the neon colors and bold makeup are only flattering on cool skin tones, including the stark fuchsia lipstick that is less harmonious on the girls with warm skin tones.

Even if netizens aren’t a fan of the unique makeup, they can’t deny that the girls’ gorgeous visuals are what stand out the most.

However, others believe makeup matching the concept was the correct choice and that it’s more important for the members to have a uniform look than sticking to what flatters their own “personal color” the most.

The fun concept is eye-catching and shows off the group’s energetic and youthful vibe.

Many fans are reminded of earlier generations of K-Pop where girl groups often used more extravagant concepts compared to what is popular today.

With such a strong concept, it’s sure to get a reaction out of people!

Check out the stunning group shots below.

Source: @NMIXX_official/Twitter