NMIXX Fans Are In Love With The Group’s Lightstick Design

Will you be buying one?

With their first mini-album, Expérgo, set to release on March 20, NMIXX has now revealed a teaser for their official lightstick too!

Along with the opening of the first generation of their official fan club, NSWER, the girl group has fans even more excited with the reveal that their lightstick seems to have a unique and very pretty design.

The lightstick features a clear dome with a whale in the middle, which seems to be blowing water out of its blowhole. It’s unclear yet whether there will be actual liquid in the lightstick, or if it’s just an illusion.

Pre-orders for the lightstick opens at 11AM KST on February 20, the same day that recruitment begins for the first generation of their fan club.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Reactions so far on Twitter for the pretty piece of merch have been overwhelmingly positive!

The lightstick has also been the subject of a post on a Korean online forum, where Korean netizens have also shared their positive reactions to the design as well. They’re also curious about the symbolic importance of the whale!

| Instiz

  • It’s pretty
  • Wow it’s so pretty
  • Wow
  • Oh why is it a whale? Is there a connection? Isn’t the fandom name NSWER?
  • The whale is symbolizes the fans? Something like that
  • Ah-ha
  • Oh I wonder why it’s a symbol for the fans. I’ll search it. Thanks!
  • Omg wow the whale blowing water is cool af

It sounds like NMIXX is about to have some busy and exciting schedules for the next couple of months!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa