Former NMIXX’s Jinni Makes First Public Appearance After Signing With A New Agency

She looks gorgeous.

Former NMIXX‘s Jinni has finally made her first public appearance as a celebrity after leaving JYP Entertainment. She left the company in December 2022, shocking fans with her sudden departure from NMIXX for unknown reasons. Since then, she signed with UAP, home to GOT7‘s Jackson, EXID‘s Hani, and more.

She stepped out to a Levi‘s event on May 20, 2023, stunning everyone with her visuals.

She went for a pure and simple makeup look to go with the denim jumpsuit.

Jinni looks more gorgeous than ever, with a radiant glow about her face.

Fansites were also present to capture her undeniable beauty.

Fans loved being able to see her in the spotlight once again.

She looks even more ethereal than before.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Jinni at such events in the future.

Her talent and beauty would be too much of a waste to keep off the screen!

We love seeing Jinni thrive like the star she is!

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