NMIXX’s Jinni Shocks Netizens With Her New Mature Aura And Flawless Visuals At The “2022 MAMA Awards”

She’s one of the top visuals of the 4th generation! 🤯

Recently at the 2022 MAMA AwardsNMIXX‘s Jinni showed off a brand new side of herself. Earlier this year, Jinni debuted with a pastel pink hairstyle.

NMIXX’s Jinni

However, after returning to dark hair  within the past few months and cutting some new bangs, she emerged with a mature aura that left netizens in awe of her actress-like beauty.

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Her new hairstyle included light, wispy bangs that added a romantic touch to her look.

Rocking a belted silk blouse as an off-the-shoulder dress, she emerged with an entirely new vibe than what fans have previously seen.

She complimented her glowing skin with a pop of color on her lips, creating a chic yet glamorous makeup look.

Her stunning visuals earned her praise from netizens and comparisons to other gorgeous celebrities such as actress Song Hye Kyo and former After School‘s Nana.

However, the remainder of her looks throughout the show were just as iconic. She continued to look effortlessly stunning as the group changed into an all-red ensemble…

…and looked like a porcelain doll as she teared up in the midst of NMIXX receiving the “Favorite New Artist” award.

Netizens are convinced this gorgeous styling of Jinni has topped her iconic predebut look.

Jinni’s visuals cement her as one of the top visuals of the 4th generation, and now with her legendary styling, there are no limits to her beauty!

However, it’s not just the bangs that show off her stunning visuals — Any kind of chic styling suits Jinni as shown below.

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Despite that, this iconic red carpet look will go down in history as one of her best looks to date!

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