NMIXX’s Jinni Stuns With Dark Hair For The First Time Since Debut

Fans can’t get enough!

NMIXX‘s Jinni has had light hair ever since she debuted. She made a splash with pastel pink hair when the group launched with “O.O”. The pink hair made her look like a born idol and complimented her strong features.

As the group performed a special cover during Music Bank‘s summer special, she shocked fans with black hair. This is the first time since her debut that Jinni has rocked dark hair.

While the stage lighting made her look beautiful, bubbly, and innocent, journalist videos outside Music Bank better reflect how she looks in real life. Surprise, surprise, Jinni looks even more gorgeous off stage than on. The dark hair set off her pale skin and ruby lips.

Thanks to her unique and prominent features, she’s able to rock any hair color! Fans who have been wanting to see her with a different hair color were nevertheless, happy to see her new look.

Online communities even compared her to actress Song Hye Kyo. As Song Hye Kyo is known for her incredible beauty, it is a huge compliment to Jinni to be likened to her. That being said, both women are extraordinarily beautiful in their own way.

| Nate Pann

She looks more elegant and chic with darker hair for sure.

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Fans couldn’t get enough of her fresh locks.

Netizen reactions to Jinni’s hair. | Nate Pann
  • “Jinni is pretty now too, but once she passes 23, I think that will be the real deal. I get thrilled when I think about how her aura will be incredible once she builds up experience in the industry and loses her baby fat.”
  • “I like faces like Emma Stone and Margot Robbie and I think she seems like an Asian version of that type of face. She’s luxurious and modern and charming. She’s been my fav since debut.”
  • “Honestly I think she’s prettier than Sullyoon so I don’t know why only Sullyoon goes viral all the time.”
  • “Jinni is kind of like ITZY’s Yeri and Lia where they can do everything from dance to singing and visuals… She’s really a hidden gem.”
  • “Choi Yoonjin (Jinni’s real name) let’s rise up in popularity, please.”
  • “Black hair really is better.”

We’d love to see her try other hair colors too!

Source: Nate Pann