NMIXX Described Each Other Using The “When God Made Me” Meme, And It Was Hilariously Accurate

Kyujin was too funny 😂

In a behind the scenes video for NMIXX‘s Studio Choom appearance, Kyujin, Sullyoon, and Haewon were asked to describe each other using the “When God Made Me” meme.

Kyujin (left), Sullyoon (center), and Haewon (right)
“When God Made Me” meme | Imgflip

The funniest part about the meme is that at the end, too much is accidentally spilled inside a bowl.

Example of a “When God Made Me” meme

NMIXX’s answers, while being accurate, were also hilarious! Check out what they said below.

1. Kyujin – Sullyoon

The first to answer was Kyujin, and she explained what likely went through God’s mind when he made Sullyoon. In her usual energetic manner, she joked that he accidentally made Sullyoon’s eyes too big and her cuteness too much.

For Sullyoon, a little bit of bigger eyes. Oh, it’s too much. Also some cuteness. Let’s put just a little. Oh! That’s too much cuteness. There’s nothing I can do about it now.

— Kyujin

She then joked that God made her tall while he was at it!

It’s already happening, so let’s make her tall. That’s how she was born. Amazingly well-proportioned Sullyoon.

— Kyujin

2. Sullyoon – Haewon

Next, Sullyoon described how God made Haewon, first stating that he “spilled everything” when he gifted her singing skills. He then gave her innocence and beauty.

For Haewon, let’s give her some singing skills then spill everything. She’s very good at singing. Let’s put some innocence. And lastly, put lots of beauty. Mix them all together.

— Sullyoon

3. Haewon – Kyujin

Finally, Haewon described Kyujin. The moment she said that God made Kyujin cute, she accidentally pushed Sullyoon back! Sullyoon took it like a champ and composed herself with a smile.

For Kyujin, one spoon, two spoons, three spoons of white skin color. Put about 19 spoons. Put some cuteness.

— Haewon

After helping Sullyoon, Haewon finished her assessment, adding that God wanted to give Kyujin a great sense of humor.

Also add some humor. Just pour it all. Mix them together, and that’s our Kyujin.

— Haewon

Kyujin, Sullyoon, and Haewon knew exactly what to say to bring laughter. However, they aren’t just funny. They’re also incredibly good at singing! Here’s all the proof you need:

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