A 4th Generation Idol Is “Accused” Of Being A Furry By Fans

She might be the first idol to address the “furry” allegations.

NMIXX‘s Lily has found herself in another “chronically online” moment.

NMIXX’s Lily | JYP Entertainment

Lily is one of the most “Gen-Z” idols to have ever stepped on the stage, amusing fans with her surprisingly up-to-date references.

Like other Gen-Z idols, she has not held back from expressing her mind, giving her full opinions on things during her LILY’s Lost The Plot bookclub broadcasts, like red flags in men.

NMIXX’s Lily Goes Viral For Giving Her Unfiltered Thoughts On A “Super Red Flag” In Men

However, Lily recently was “called out” by fans after expressing a past interest.

Those on the internet for any time have likely been made aware of the existence of furries. Furries enjoy dressing in fursuits, often of their original characters (or “fursonas”).

Furries at a convention. | Douglas Muth/Flickr

While there is a comical element to furries due in part to one segment of the community’s adult activities while dressed in their suits, the internet has grown to have a positive, if not a little confused, opinion of them.

Social media has played a part in this, allowing furries to show they come from diverse backgrounds instead of stereotypical ones.


Hi there! What do YOU do for a living? #furryfandom #fursuit #furry #anthrocon

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Nonetheless, the good-natured humor has continued with people calling others furries for any affinity to certain animals.

During a recent reply streak on Bubble, Lily spoke about having a wolf phase, clarifying that it wasn’t because of werewolves like those in the Twilight Saga.

| Bubble, @nmixxpics_

After discussing liking the wolves in the Minecraft video game, Lily copied and shared a fan’s message that said, “bruh lily had a furry phase.

Lily reacts hilariously, questioning why that question was asked before denying it.

| Bubble, @nmixxpics_

Still, fans found her response hilarious, as she inadvertently admitted to knowing what furries are.