NMIXX’s Lily Used To Run A Fan Account

Celebrities really are just like us, huh?!

NMIXX‘s Lily revealed that she used to run a fan account!

NMIXX’s Lily | SQU4D

Fans adore Lily not just due to her talents but her relatability as she has talked about her shared interests.

Just when we thought she couldn’t get more relatable, she shared that she used to have a fan account dedicated to another iconic music artist. It was none other than American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift

Lily told fans Bubble that although she used to run the account very seriously, she deleted it before entering JYP Entertainment. So, no one would be able to find it today.

| Bubble via @NMIXXDOLLS/Twitter

Before deleting, she had at least 1,000 followers! She was proud of it, but unfortunately, it’s all gone now.

Bubble via @NMIXXDOLLS/Twitter

We’re not too surprised to hear that Lily ran a Taylor Swift fan account, considering what a big Swiftie she is!

Lily often sings Taylor Swift’s songs…

Hopefully, one day this Swiftie can meet Taylor herself and sing with her!



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