NMIXX’s New Single Receives Explosive Reactions From Korean Netizens

What truly sets this release apart is the overwhelming response from Korean netizens.

JYP Entertainment’s rookie sensation NMIXX has once again captured the spotlight with their latest release, a mini-album titled Fe3O4: Break featuring the much-anticipated title track “Dash.”

The new song — described by member Haewon during a press showcase — is “a fusion of old-school hip-hop and pop-funk,” which vividly accentuates the group’s unique style known as MIXX POP, as reported by Yonhap News Agency.

“Dash” stands out as a testament to NMIXX’s innovative approach to music, blending genres and eras with finesse. Lily, another member of the group, reminisced that the track evoked “memories of the R&B vibes from the 2000s.” She praised the song’s dynamic shifts in melody and rhythm, which make it both enjoyable and refreshingly new with every listen.

The buildup to Fe3O4: Break was marked by the release of “Soñar (Breaker)” in December 2023, a powerful pre-release single that set the stage for the mini-album’s debut. The album showcases a diverse range of tracks, including “Run for Roses,” a creation of Young K from Day6, another group under the JYP label. The album also features songs like “XOXO” and “Passionfruit,” further diversifying NMIXX’s musical repertoire.

But what truly sets this release apart is the overwhelming response from Korean netizens. The feedback has been nothing short of explosive, with fans and critics alike lauding the group’s latest work. From comments on viral posts on community sites — including a viral one with more than 25,000 views and over 600 comments on TheQoo —  it’s clear that the general sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.

Fans are expressing deep admiration for the song, indicating that NMIXX has not only met but exceeded expectations with “Dash.”

The praise is focused not just on the song’s catchy melody and rhythm but also on the innovative blend of musical styles that NMIXX has brought to the table. The group’s bold venture into the realms of “MIXX POP”  is considered a successful move this time, with many asserting that “Dash” is possibly the best work by NMIXX to date.

  • “The song is good..this is it!”
  • “I’m loving the song the more I listen to it.”
  • “They really did mix pop the right way this time. They really worked hard, the song is great.”
  • “Wow this is crazy good. This is the best song from them.”
| TheQoo

As NMIXX continues to evolve and experiment with their sound, they are not only redefining their music but also making a significant impact on the K-Pop genre as a whole.

Source: TheQoo