NMIXX’s Showcase Outfits Receive Intense Criticism From Netizens

Korean netizens had particularly strong opinions.

NMIXX‘s recent showcase outfits have netizens divided.

The members of NMIXX | @nmixx_official/Twitter

The group recently released their latest album with the title track “DASH,” and it immediately captured the hearts of netizens and is breaking their personal records.


To celebrate the release, NMIXX held a showcase, and as expected, they each showcased their own personalities through their outfits. While all the members stuck with a theme of red, black, and white, it was the details in each look that made each person stand out perfectly.

In particular, many international fans praised how age-appropriate the looks were. They combined different fits and textures to create something that looks youthful.

Lily combined a long black sleeve top with a red t-shirt, belt, and what looked like biker shorts.

NMIXX’s Lily

Haewon looked equally as badass in a pair of combat trousers and an oversized jumper that was off her shoulder.

NMIXX’s Haewon

Sullyoon went for a more feminine look by pairing a black leather skater skirt (over biker shorts) with a cute t-shirt and hat.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon

Bae opted for a striped oversized jumper, and like Lily and Sullyoon, she wore it over biker shorts and brought the look together with the accessories.


Jiwoo showcased her cuteness with a predominantly red look, pairing a red and white t-shirt with a red pleated skirt and what looked like a devil hat.

NMIXX’s Jiwoo

Kyujin also opted for something with a “grunge” style, pairing some leather pants with a striped Bratz t-shirt and matching hat. Her whole look came together with the accessories.

NMIXX’s Kyujin

While the outfits seemingly work together, Korean netizens were heavily divided on the styling. Although some loved the cute style and how they were age-appropriate for the members, many thought they looked old and outdated, saying that the stylist didn’t fit the outfits to the members and their body types.

  • “It looks like the stylist made outfits from clothes that have been in my house for the past ten years.”
  • “Wow, the outfits are…”
  • “They really gave them outfits without thinking about their body shape…”
  • “Now they just have to change stylists. They have a good new song..what is up with this..please change the stylist…please…so frustrating.”
  • “It’s pretty…it’s like a cute hip-hop Hongdae style.”

K-Pop outfits are always created hot debates amongst netizens. Yet, it seems like NMIXX’s unique looks tend to create more debate, especially when they are having comebacks.

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