NMIXX’s Sullyoon Proves Even Her Bare-Faced Visuals Are Ethereal In Newly Released Photos

She gives such refreshing youthful vibes!

Since NMIXX debuted earlier this year, the members of the K-Pop girl group have been rightfully praised for their talent, visuals, and all-around appeal.


While each of the members are being appreciated for different reasons, Sullyoon became particularly popular among netizens due to her beautiful doll-like appearance and charisma.

Sullyoon (NMIXX) | SBS

The group’s management seemed to take notice of this after NMIXX debuted with “O.O”, and during their more recent comeback, “DICE”, she got quite a bit more screentime and center time during performances.


And now, recent photos taken of Sullyoon in a more casual setting are getting people’s attention due to how she looks even without makeup on.


In the series of photos, the NMIXX member can be seen with a face mask, but it doesn’t take away from her bright, beautiful eyes and flawless skin.

An entire post on an online forum was even made discussing her visuals in this setting, with the title “Sullyoon’s preview pictures are completely bare faced” and the caption, “She’s full of baby vibes”.

Korean netizens made many comments on the post agreeing that she’s totally exuding a refreshing and youthful aura with her bare-faced visuals.

  • “Wow she looks the same as when she was a baby”
  • “She looks exactly the same as her baby picturesㅋㅋㅋ cute”
  • “She’s always been super pretty but her bare face is even prettier”
  • “Wow daebak pretty”
  • “It’s my first time in my whole life seeing someone with such wide opened eyes from all sides of her eyes”

There are plenty of comments from international fans as well that are also praising how pretty her eyes are in the photos!

  • “Not a dark circle in sight God has favourites”
  • “Sullyoon is indeed pretty but they can’t even see her face lol her eyes are so big and round though, it’s cute”
  • “Her eyes are really pretty. It screams innocence if that make sense?”
  • “her eyes are really pretty”
  • “Cuuuuuuute her eyes are so big”

So while many of the previous comments about her pretty visuals were made towards Sullyoon when she was wearing makeup, it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t need it to be gorgeous!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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