Netizens Are Going Crazy For NMIXX Sullyoon’s Previews And Unedited Journalist Photos At Debut Showcase

She’s already a 4th gen visual icon!

During NMIXX‘s recent debut showcase, Sullyoon quickly ginned attention from netizens for her flawless, doll-like visuals.

With her small face and doe eyes, she stands out in fansite previews. Her flowing hair and dreamy gaze makes the showcase photos almost look like a posed photoshoot!

Additionally, her visual power is strong enough to shine through unedited journalist photos, including the two stunning photos below.

According to netizens, her gorgeous visuals are reminiscent of many other stunning idols like labelmates Sana and Tzuyu of TWICE.

Not only is her visual power impressive, netizens are also impressed by her singing and dancing skills on the stage.

It seems Sullyoon is already becoming a hot topic, despite having debuted mere days ago!

Source: theqoo and Nate Pann