No One Expected Running Man’s Jeon So Min To Be THIS Good at Dancing

The look on Ji Hyo’s face though.

On an episode of SBS’s Running Man, the members practiced their dancing ahead of their fan meeting performance.

On this day, the members were intimidated after watching choreographer Lia Kim‘s demonstration, but after some practice with Lia Kim’s guidance, each member started to improve on their choreography.

After a few run-throughs, it became clearer who were the aces and who needed more practice, and it was Kim Jong Kook, Haha, and Jeon So Min who took the spotlight.

In particular, Jeon So Min surprised everyone with her amazing dancing ability.

Despite it being a difficult choreography, she effortlessly nailed every move and looked like a total professional while doing it.

As a result, Jeon So Min was the third fastest to pass the dancing test that Lee Kwang Soo proposed in order to determine who would go home first.

From the looks on the other members’ faces, no one knew Jeon So Min was this good at dancing, and even choreographer Lia Kim acknowledged her talents which is definitely saying something.

Check out more of Jeon So Min dancing below:

Running Man

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