Noh Hong Chul edited out of latest episode of “Infinite Challenge”

After getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, netizens have noticed that entertainer Noh Hong Chul has been edited out of the latest broadcast of MBC‘s Infinite Challenge.

On the November 29th broadcast of Infinite Challenge, the members were discussing about finding different places for the next theme event that involved part time jobs; however, what fans actually noticed was the editing that was done to take Noh Hong Chul out of that episode. During the conversation viewers noticed that although Noh Hong Chul wasn’t seen, the audio still included his voice. Netizens also spotted a part of Noh Hong Chul that wasn’t edited out when the camera zoomed into Yoo Jaesuk. His empty spot could also be seen when the group was seen as a whole.

The editing done had different netizens commenting on that episode saying things like,“They sure went through a lot to edit it.”, “I was so surprised from seeing a foot under the table.”, and “I saw his face when they showed Yoo Jaesuk too.” 

The controversy first began when Noh Hong Chul was pulled over while driving drunk near Nonhyundong on November 8th, and was said to possibly be leaving Infinite Challenge if his blood sample score received over 0.05%. Despite the backlash he received for driving under the influence there were still netizens who supported him, and began a petition for Noh Hong Chul to keep his position on MBC’s Infinite Challenge. Later on November 14th, NFS (National Forensic Service) of South Korea revealed his blood alcohol content at the time of the incident was at 0.1%, leading to the suspension and termination of his license.

Source: Red Piano