A Non-Korean ARMY Bravely Saved The Day At Itaewon, All Thanks To The BTS Song “Fire”

And that’s on being one of the supreme BTS tracks ever.

Recently a tweet went viral in the BTS fanbase that described how an ARMY potentially saved lives at Itaewon. But the reason why people are so amused is something you would never guess.

The OP (original poster) described their experience in Japanese, which was then translated to English by another account. The OP was returning from dinner at Itaewon when they noticed a trash heap in an alleyway had caught fire. Though they don’t speak Korean, being fluent in BTS’s discography came in handy during this crisis.

The fire at Itaewon | @hopehope_333/Twitter

OP rushed to a nearby restaurant and just yelled, “Excuse me! Bultaoreune! Bultaoreune!” The lady there immediately understood what she meant. She tried to put out the fire with a tub full of water before a customer rushed in with a fire extinguisher and got rid of the flames for good.

For those who might not know, “Bultaoreune” is an iconic phrase for BTS fans since their song “Fire” starts with this word and uses it throughout the choruses. Though the word’s literal meaning is “burn it up,” people usually use it as an expression to refer to extreme passion or a strong will. Thanks to BTS’s discography, however, “Bultaoreune” has become synonymous with “fire” for ARMYs.

From the pictures posted by OP, the street seemed like a congested and busy area. If the fire had gone unnoticed, people could have been seriously endangered. Props to the ARMY for their presence of mind! It looks like being a BTS fan pays off in unexpected ways in life.


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