Japanese Politician Goes Viral For His Weight Loss Transformation, Handsome Visuals

Does he look like two different people?

A Kobe City councilor is making headlines around the world after sharing an anecdote about his weight loss transformation on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Norihiro Uehata before his weight loss | @Norihiro Uehata/X

Norihiro Uehata used to weigh 115kg (approximately 253lbs) but has steadily been losing weight over the past few years. As a result, he now looks much different now than he did back then. In fact, he looks more like an idol dressed in a uniform for a music video than a city councilor!

Norihiro Uehata after his weight loss | @Norihiro Uehata/X

Although his physical transformation is no secret to the Japanese public, it was news to the airport employee in Taiwan who recently inspected Uehata’s passport. Since Uehata’s passport photo has not yet been updated to match his appearance, the employee apparently had trouble believing Passport Uehata and In-Person Uehata were the same man.

| @Norihiro Uehata/X

To convince the employee, Uehata showed him before and after photos on Instagram. Thankfully, this was all the proof Uehata needed to confirm his identity and enter Taiwan without issues.

I have now safely entered Taiwan! At first, the Taiwanese examiner was confused when he compared [me] to my passport photo when I weighed 115 kg, but when I showed him my before and after diet photos from Instagram, he burst out laughing at the immigration inspection, and was like, Oh! Good!! That’s what the examiner told me, and I was given permission to enter the country.

— Norihiro Uehata

All’s well that ends well!

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