North Korea Has An Army Of Sexy Spies on Facebook Uncovering Top-Secret Information

It has been revealed that North Korean spies are posing as sexy women on Facebook to gather secrets from gullible government officials.

Facebook is much more than a way to contact with friends and family members, are the popular media website seems to have more uses than just meets the eye. It has recently been revealed that North Korean spies are creating Facebook profiles and are using these profiles to contact, past and present, government officials.

Maybe the most interesting part of their plan, however, is that they’re beautiful women to lure their targets into revealing their government’s biggest secrets.

Kim Jong Un has used many different techniques to obtain information from other nations.

Kim Jong Un‘s spies use these accounts to uncover top-secret government information from gullible men. The use of social media allows for the spies to target those from anywhere around the world, further giving them the ability to gain more knowledge.

In the past, Kim Jong Un’s sexy spies have targeted influential figures both in North Korea and abroad; however, this method removes any personal contact and gives the spies access to those worldwide.

An official from the NIS, South Korea’s intelligence service, has even gone on to suggest that any unexpected friend requests on Facebook should be denied, and said, “If a beautiful stranger wants to become your friend on Facebook, you should turn them down.” The North’s spies have also sent emails posing as representatives of the South’s presidents, and web accounts belonging to 40 government and military officials have been hacked so far.

Jang Jin-Sung, like many that have escaped the North, wrote about his experiences in the secretive country and the techniques they use to spy on their enemies.

Jang Jin-Sung, A senior propagandist who served under Kim’s father, Kim Jong-Il, revealed in his book Dear Leader that the North Korean government has used similar methods in the past. Hot female spies were sent abroad to seduce foreigners. In some cases, foreign women were even kidnapped and forced to have children with their North Korean captors. These children would then be raised as spies, but due to their genes, would appear less North Korean.

Children born to female agents after an overseas mission would then also be used to extort help from their foreign fathers. Mr. Jang described visiting a compound of “very luxurious” mansions, which would be given over to an agent and their child. The author said, “It was part of a plan to establish North Korean family ties for foreigners; to make them sympathetic towards us.”

North Korea continued in its habit of using young female spies when reports were released claiming that one of Kim Jong Nam‘s assassins was an aspiring pop-star.

Tensions between North Korea and its neighbors have been escalating over time, and South Korea has faced constant threats and aggressive gestures from the North, including recent missile tests. The danger from North Korea has become so serious that in November 2016, the U.S. announced plans to deploy its Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile battery in South Korea before the end of this year.

It seems that you can not trust strangers on the internet after all.

SourceDaily Star