Where Is He Now? The “K-Pop Star” Who Suddenly Left YG Entertainment

Mark your calendars.

Recently, a former member of the YG Entertainment group TREASURE gave an update on his life: he will officially be debuting as a solo artist.

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

On October 30, GF Entertainment announced that their artist, Bang Yedam, will make his solo debut.

Bang Yedam will release a pre-release song on the 10th of next month and his first mini-album on the 23rd.

— GF Entertainment

Bang Yedam | YG Entertainment

Bang Yedam became known to the public through the SBS survival program K-Pop Star Season 2 in 2013. He was known for his captivating voice and performance, earning him titles like “Korea’s Justin Bieber” and “Little Michael Jackson” as he secured the runner-up position.

Park Jin Young as a judge (left) and a young Park Yedam (right) on “K-Pop Star Season 2” | SBS

After seven years of training as a YG Entertainment trainee, Bang Yedam debuted as part of the group TREASURE and received much love.

In November 2022, fans were surprised to find out that Bang Yedam and fellow TREASURE member Mashiho had unexpectedly left the group and YG Entertainment. About a year later, it was announced that he signed with a new label, GF Entertainment, which also manages the group KINGDOM.

Bang Yedam | GF Entertainment

Regarding his upcoming solo debut, Bang Yedam shared that the word “soloist” still sounds awkward to him.

The term ‘solo artist Bang Yedam’ still feels awkward, and there is a big burden in filling the stage alone. However, I am excited to show you my own stage, and with that comes a sense of responsibility… I would be grateful if you could look forward to seeing various sides of me in the future.

— Bang Yedam

Netizens and fans responded positively to Bang Yedam’s upcoming solo debut, leaving comments congratulating him and expressing how excited they are.


After leaving TREASURE, Bang Yedam has been participating in writing and composing albums of various artists and showed off his skills as a producer, raising expectations for his solo debut.

Source: Wikitree

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