“Street Woman Fighter” NOZE Asks Courts To Nullify Contract With Her Label — Her Label Responds In Court

NOZE alleged she hadn’t been paid in months.

Dancer NOZE, who gained fame from Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter, has sued her label, Starting House.

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On March 9, it was reported that NOZE had sued her label, Starting House, in December of last year. The dancer is said to have also asked the judge to nullify her contract with the label until the trial is over.

NOZE’s lawyer spoke with Yonhap News and stated that the dancer had not been paid by her label for several months since April of last year.

NOZE has not been for several months since April of last year. Because of this, eventually, in November, we asked that the courts nullify her contract with the label, and we filed another lawsuit to ensure that the contract was terminated.

— NOZE’s lawyer

NOZE’s lawyer then stated that despite the dancer asking to be paid, the label only pushed back the date of payment and eventually never paid.

NOZE asked to be paid several times, but they only pushed back the payment date, and in August of last year, they explicitly refused to pay, stating they would deposit the money after discussing her promotions.

— NOZE’s lawyer

In response to the allegations, NOZE’s lawyers stated that there was a reason why the payments weren’t delivered on time. According to a report by Yonhap News, a hearing for an injunction was held in August of last year.

At the time, the label asked that the courts dismiss the injunction and stated that the reason why they didn’t remit payment on time was due to NOZE’s influencer controversy last year.

In the first half of last year, we didn’t finalize the profit distribution ratio (between the label and NOZE). When we did finalize the ratio, her social media controversy broke out, and we were busy handling that. The controversy could have led to contract terminations and large settlement fees. After this controversy was settled, we deposited the money. NOZE doesn’t need to resume promotions urgently, and because she is the greatest at fault for the deterioration of the contract, we ask that you dismiss the injunction.

— Starting House

Previously, NOZE was embroiled in controversy after she was alleged to have discriminated against smaller brands.

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