Dancer Noze’s Relationship With Her Older Brother Is So Realistic, You Will Definitely Relate

Is he as handsome as she’s pretty?

Dancer Noze has never revealed that much about her personal life or family until a recent episode of Radio Star, where she talked about her older brother.

Unlike her dynamic job as a dancer, her older brother is an office worker with a stable job! She explained that when Street Woman Fighter blew up, the people at his office were also crazy about the show. His colleagues then made a joke that not only was Noze’s last name Noh, so was his!

| @nozeworld/Instagram

Of course, her brother stepped up and confirmed right away that Noze was his younger sister. Sadly, no one believed him then until rumors began to spread. As Noze is known for her visuals, she was asked about her older brother’s looks as well. Noze immediately responded that he used to be super pretty when he was younger, but things had taken a downturn as he grew older. Check out the clip below.

After the episode aired, her brother texted her to tell her what she had done! Her teasing response truly proved that their relationship was very realistic.

  • Brother: “Jihye-yah… Why did you do that…”
  • Brother: “People are calling me Noh-took-a-turn-for-the-worse now…”
  • Noze: “LOL Ah, sorry sorry. LOL”

We know our best girl ain’t sorry!