Baekho Confesses He Feels Insecure Often, And The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking

It happens in moments it shouldn’t.

NU’EST‘s Baekho recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine. He talked about the process of recording his first solo album, Absolute Zero, shared how he contributed to the choreography, and opened up about his thoughts and feelings.


One such question he was asked was, “When do you feel insecure?” He replied with an honest and surprising answer—something that many would consider heartbreaking.

According to the “No Rules” singer, he feels insecure whenever he “gets too happy.” He knows that the feeling of joy will eventually pass, so he finds it difficult to simply live in the moment. That means whenever he’s experiencing something that makes him smile, he tries to temper his feelings.

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Relating it to his experience as an artist, he knows intellectually that he is doing well, but he nonetheless tells himself that he will still be better later on. He sets a high standard for himself.

I think I feel insecure when I get too happy. Because I don’t want the moment to pass me by. Even though I knew objectively that I was doing well, I kept thinking about how it was just one step in a process to be even better later.

— Baekho

Baekho was then asked how he gets over that feeling, and he explained that he consciously reminds himself to relax. He used to believe that he himself had to have positive energy to be able to give the same to other people. However, he now wonders what it really means to be relaxed.

I tried to relax a little. And I think I kept telling myself I needed to find peace. I think I was a bit obsessive before. I was a little obsessive about things like telling myself I had to have good energy in order to give good energy to other people. So I guess I forced myself to think, I’m relaxed—this is relaxing. Now I ask myself, What does it mean to be truly relaxed?

— Baekho

In related news, Baekho recently made his solo debut with the title track, “No Rules.” Learn more about it in the article below.

Baekho Officially Drops Solo Debut Album “Absolute Zero”

Source: Weverse Magazine


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