NU’EST’s JR Clears The Group’s Manipulation Allegation At The 34th Golden Disc Awards

This came after the controversial “Unanswered Questions” episode.

Since the most recent and controversial Unanswered Questions episode covering chart manipulation, which revealed NU’EST W‘s name on national broadcast to allegedly have been involved in some sort of manipulative behavior, both L.O.V.Es and NU’EST’s agency PLEDIS Entertainment have been requesting a formal apology from the show for defaming the group.


Meanwhile, at the 34th Golden Disc Awards, NU’EST’s leader JR told the fans to not be concerned. After thanking them for making the award possible…

We’re honored to be receiving this Album Bonsang award as NU’EST for the first time at the Golden Disc Awards. Thank you L.O.V.Es for having made this possible for us.

— JR


… JR quickly added the final sentiment which left L.O.V.Es feeling relieved and reassured.

And L.O.V.Es, you can listen to all our music that we’ve made in the past with pride. Thank you.

— JR


By asking fans to have faith in NU’EST’s music, JR made it clear that the group is innocent of the allegations made on the show. Fans deeply appreciate JR’s comment as the internet continues to wild over the Unanswered Questions episode.


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Source: THEQOO and Twitter