Oh My Girl’s Arin, JAMIE, and Risabae Reveal The Cruelest Hate Comments They’ve Ever Gotten

“That comment haunted my dreams.”

Oh My Girl‘s Arin, JAMIE, and beauty guru Risabae, recently opened up honestly about the cruelest hate comments they have to put up with as celebrities.

When asked if they even look at hate comments, Arin revealed that she’s the type to monitor them closely, while Risabae confessed to having monitored them in real-time. And while Jamie used to ignore them, she can’t help but see them since social media is how she communicates with fans.

Risabae shared that she’s received many hate comments related to her appearance as well as her content. And although her heart sank when she saw the hate comments, she proceeded with the live broadcasts like the professional she is.

In particular, Arin detailed the worst hate comments to be the ones without a reason.

I receive comments without a reason like, ‘I hate you. I hate everything you do. I hate the sight of you.’

— Arin

And the most shocking of all is the horrid hate comment Jamie recalls receiving back when she was a 16-year-old contestant on K-Pop Star.

The most memorable comment was, ‘If Park Jimin dies, I feel like it’ll sound like cutting a pig by the throat.’ That comment haunted my dreams.

— Jamie

Despite how hurt they were by the hate comments, Arin asked haters to look upon her more favorably. Jamie stressed that there isn’t enough time to even love, so people should leave nice comments or no comments at all. Meanwhile, Risabae wished haters happiness.

Check out the full interview clip below:

Source: Dispatch