NCT’s Mark And Oh My Girl’s Arin “Accidentally” Find Themselves Swirled Up In Dating Rumors — Agencies Quickly Respond

The labels were quick to respond to the rumors.

NCT‘s Mark and Oh My Girl‘s Arin were alleged to be dating due to a harmless Instagram photo.

Mark | Teen Vogue

Arin | Korea JoongAng Daily

On February 5, Oh My Girl’s Arin posted a photo of the idol playfully posing with her lips puckered as if she was kissing the sun. The idol captioned the picture, writing, “From dad” next to a heart emoji.

Arin | @ye._.vely618/Instagram

Some may ask, “Harmless picture of an idol kissing the sun, what can go wrong?” In the world of K-Pop, the answer to that would be “Dating allegations!”

Believe it or not, the picture immediately spurred dating rumors when fans alleged that the picture was in response to a picture posted by another idol, NCT’s Mark, one in which he is also photographed kissing the sun in a similar fashion.

Thankfully, the allegations didn’t last very long. SM Entertainment quickly denied the rumors.

Mark’s dating rumor is false.

— SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment’s denial was followed by Arin’s label WM Entertainment, who also denied the rumors stating that Arin’s picture was taken by her father.

The dating rumor is false. The picture in question was taken by Arin’s father during a family trip.

— WM Entertainment

This incident just goes to show you how easy it is for idols to be subjects of dating allegations!

Source: wikitree and newsen