Oh My Girl’s Arin Shares Her Opinion On Why She Thinks Her Group’s Music Is So Loved

She revealed what she thinks about Oh My Girl’s music being loved!

Oh My Girl‘s Arin talked about why she thinks her group’s music is appealing to their fans!

Arin recently sat down for an interview with The Star Magazine with her pet puppy Ari, and answered lots of questions about the two of them!

One of the questions asked to her was,

What are the reasons for Oh My Girl’s music being loved?

Arin credits their music being loved to fans recognizing and falling for Oh My Girl’s own unique style and concept!

First of all, it seems that others recognize Oh My Girl’s own style. Actually, I’ve thought that the most important is our own concept and understanding of our songs, and I guess that they recognised this a lot for this time.


And it’s true! Oh My Girl had a great 2020 with their songs “Nonstop” and “Dolphin”, and fans love their distinct and unique charms that they show through their music!

| WM Entertainment

Watch Arin talk about this here, from the 3:01 mark onwards!


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